15 Travel Essentials for Long-Term Travelers

Travel is good. Not many will question this statement, true as it is. It provides different experiences to different individuals and is often the essence of life to many individuals. Different types of people engage in travel for their own purposes and we are here to give attention to long-term travelers. Long-term can be easily translated to residents of the road – these are people who find stability in movement and exploring. As a salute to such inspiring individuals, here is a list of essential items for travel that every such traveler will be familiar with.

Comfortable Attire

There is no stressing on the importance of a comfortable dress code – after all, a foreign place is no home and you are always on your feet, literally speaking. Suit your attire to the immediate climate you’re exposed to and account for comfort and flexibility. Even more important is your shoes. A strong and durable pair of shoes definitely makes it to the front of the checklist.


Always travel light and include an efficient backpack – it should be comfortable to carry around and include enough space for the many essentials you have. You may find waterproof backpacks for laptop on amazon. It is the closest aspect that will feel like a constant, serving multiple uses such as being a pillow on rough patches, your weary and used wardrobe and pockets of many useful things.


Toiletries are important as it is but sunscreen takes the priority seat here. We don’t need to stress the importance, given the number on articles online, so carry a strong brand that has enough SPF to carry you through a storm. Try to keep a trusty brand on yourself because attempting to buy it locally can turn out to be a disaster if they don’t suit your needs or are simply not strong enough for your travels. Cut the costs and trouble and carry bottles, especially for some beach frolicking.

A functioning mobile

An infrequent traveler will resort to plans that cover the country/ countries they are traveling to, but this can turn out pretty expensive for an average long-term traveler looking for budget exploring. This brings the next alternative – purchasing an alternate SIM locally. It can serve your needs for any emergency international calls, your local needs of calling and routing maps, finding out key information about the city you’re in and helping in passing time during traveling.

Cover up

An eye mask and ear plug drive the unnecessary distractions away. A long-term traveler must, and does, value their wink time. It is of absolute importance that they catch up on their necessary snooze time in order to fully utilize the time they spend on the road and indulging in local sights. It also functions effectively on airplanes, overnight buses and overcrowded hostels/dorms with frequent disturbances.


As every travel blog/website/enthusiast will chime in, chargers are absolutely crucial. Make sure you carry a universal USB cable that plugs in for all your devices, except maybe your laptop. Carry spare wires for the quick and over-charging phase for everything together. Get yourself adaptors suitable for the country you travel to (or get a handy 2 pin that mostly goes everywhere) or get a USB convertor that works just as well.

Cover up, again

Sweaters, scarves, sunglasses, raincoats – all of these assist any traveler in the vagaries of the climate. They protect you from all the natural elements and provide unexpected happiness during other times as well. For example, a scarf isn’t simply for covering up, but as a change of attire, a pillow case and even for an impromptu picnic on the grass. Get yourself those folding raincoats that form little squares when not in use.

Packing spaces

Use a packing cube or a simple cloth material that can take all your possessions like jeans, shirts, skirts and any unused materials. Dump your laundry in as well and compartmentalize so that you can find what you need within a short span of time. Compress clothes and make space for other amenities; keep everything together so that you don’t have to search around the place.

Laundry line

A simple piece of rope can literally change your life. High in utility and lack of inconvenience, a sturdy rope hangs by your backpack while managing to provide a space for your wet clothes, simply hanging clothes or even air-drying those clothes that are not fresh but don’t require a wash either (us homely people are also very familiar with this conundrum). You can also use it as a handy divider to give yourself some privacy in public spaces of rest. You can use it for tying stuff; do try to use ones with hook that provide better rip capabilities.

Menstrual Cup

Let your periods not be a period towards your travel dreams. A menstrual cup goes a long way in being an economical, eco-friendly and highly suitable method instead of running around and trying to stock up on pads in highly compromising and inconvenient situations. It lasts for long periods of time also, so say goodbye to consistently changing them. Many brands offer good options and while it takes time to get comfortable, the step is worth the change.


Get those reusable plastic covers or eco-friendly options like jute that are sturdy and durable. You will not regret storing these for a rainy day as there is always a reason to carry things around, beach and shopping trips or even a temporary and cleanable surface for eating food. It isn’t a surprise at all; every home owner will swear by having a reusable tote bag for emergencies.

Sleeping Bags

This becomes important when you have to camp in questionable areas that do not offer even bedding, much less a sheet to cover yourselves with. A version with a liner will solve this as well. Places of residence may lack in less touristy areas and you will really value a sleeping bag at the time. You can also use this if you question the hygiene standards of wherever you stay; try to get a less bulky version for easier carrying around.

A good storage place – digital

A lot of travelling translates to a lot of memories. There is only so much a memory card, two or a million can carry around. This is where an external hard drive becomes extremely useful and a good back-up option for all those photos. It can be quite expensive for 1 TB hard drives, but it is worth the investment.

Compact bars

As we said before, toiletries and methods of maintaining hygiene come only second after comfortable attire. Laundry soaps are very important in this case. Washing, cleaning and other laundry facilities are hard to come by and the other alternative of winging it will be an inconvenience, if not for you at least for your travel mates. Try to maintain bar versions of all you need, like a shampoo, conditioner and face wash take up less space, are more economical and eco-friendly options. Stock it up when you are in cities where these products are more easily available.

Good electronics – a Kindle?

Good quality makes for a long-term investment with viable returns. For example, a Kindle especially makes for good reading and companionship (even though it can’t take the place of a well-read, dog-eared worn book, we know). Most guides and books are downloadable on Kindle with good lighting that allows you to read whenever and wherever in the mood.

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The 14 Best Family Movies of All Time

There are many ways of entertainment in today’s technologically advanced world. Movies are one of the most preferred versions – a good movie manipulates, communicates, analyzes and leaves a lasting imprint on its viewer. There are many genres within the movie industry and family movies are a popular variety; directors aim at the importance of family values and the necessity of familial love being as crucial and satisfying as romantic love between couples. Here are fourteen of the best movies that make for a good family day movie night.

It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)

The gist of the movie lies in its title. The protagonist George Bailey is a frustrated individual thinking of ending his life as everything seems to go wrong and life is nothing but a series of milestones for his problems. It then focuses on angels in heaven who discuss the affairs of the Earth and get to Bailey, realizing that he needed a fresh and objective perspective of life and the course of his town if he hadn’t existed at all. Clarence is the guardian angel we all need in our lives during our worst so that we can find the will to enjoy life once again.

The Harry Potter series

Any Harry Potter movie makes for a great watch, irrespective of the time, occasion or need of the viewer. So why wouldn’t it be the best selection for a family night binge session or a movie marathon with a friend? It’s got the plot, the cute and convincing characters, the adventures, flying brooms, wonderful desserts and magic! The essence of Harry Potter lies in the values placed in family and friends, the unexpected impact they have on your life and how important it is to have someone who never fails to believe in you, whether you are the king of the world or a mere pauper.

Mary Poppins (1964)

Is anyone surprised a Julie Andrews film made it to the list? Because I’m definitely not. She is simply the most wonderful actor on screen with such a vibrant personality and great films that leave you enthralled, awe-inspired and wanting for more, adult or child. In this movie, she plays the role of the quirky (and magical!) nanny Mary Poppins and uses her talents to get the children she looks after closer with their father. The songs, the dances, the dialogues – we cannot be satisfied more than this.

Mrs.Doubtfire (1993)

This film sees Robin Williams in his best that leaves us clutching our sides in laughter. Williams dresses up as a defiant and sassy nanny to his children after a bitter divorce separates him from his wife and children. With the Scottish accent and the rapid one-liners in all its comic wit, Williams’ character is stubborn to not be separated from his children. Under the comedy, the movie actually deals with the destruction of life as children know it is into messy troubles – here’s a film that reminds you to look beyond the mess.

Maleficent (2014)

No one can say that a Disney movie with Angeline Jolie (albeit with horns) and a classical story backing can be anything but of the family genre. With a twist to the original story and an imposing presence that is mistaken for evil, Jolie skillfully plays the movie to her talents. She is the result of a broken heart and a vengeance against the one who did this to her. Nothing expresses true love more than the affection a mother has for her child, combined with the intense need of protecting her from all evil.

Night At The Museum (2006)

You’d think the job of a security guard at the Museum of Natural History would be the least dangerous – however, sticks and stones can form a lot of danger in very unexpected ways. Ben Stiller attempts to get over his messy divorce, protect his child’s innocence and affection for him that culminates in what he believes is the steady job he needs at this moment. Everything turns the other way the minute he steps into his role and the movie keeps you to the same point till the end, never regretting the decision.

The Color of Paradise (1999)

For the foreign language lovers, here is an Iranian film that explores the complex forces of humanity and makes the viewer question themselves on what makes for appropriate human behavior, what can be excused and what cannot. The film centers around the main protagonist Mohammad, a blind boy who has heightened senses for the nature around him, and his father Hashem who thinks his blind child is a curse and an obstacle when he’s trying to achieve his own goals in life. If you wish to get real and personal with human emotions, this movie is for you.

The Home Alone series

Of course, parents would not want their children learning anything from these movies and in today’s age, with mobiles and legal protection available at a button, this movie scene is nothing but long-lost fantasy to the kids of today and yesterday. Nevertheless, this series makes for great family bonding time with the humour, the family feels and targets the dream of every child to make a stand of their own and prank people ingeniously.

Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory (1971)

What more does a child want to watch? A ticket to a chocolate factory is every child’s (and adult’s) dream come true. Charlie, the main character, gains a highly coveted chance to enter the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory and hardly believes the dream. However, along with five other children, Charlie finds why Mr.Wonka remains the elusive and colourful character he is, as disasters and troubles of many kinds befell them.

Spy Kids series

There is no other reason to watch this series apart from the cool gadgets, the weird characters who may or may not be villains (see, Sylvester Stallone), the over-the-top depictions of everything and the wonderful actor Antonio Banderas. Also, the nostalgia – who else wanted secret agent parents?

Children of Heaven (1997)

This is the perfect heart-warming film of family bonds and sibling relationships to end this list with. It starts with a pair of shoes and seems like just a shot of the daily life of a family making ends meet by a drop. Ali loses Zahra’s shoes and pleads with her to not mention this to their father – when this becomes difficult, Ali decides to participate in a competition to win the same shoes. Watch this journey if you want real-life feels.

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How to make an Easter chick

Easter chick is easy to make and it can be used in managing things such as attaching to a gift for some decorative things children love to play with them. Let’s know how to make it. Easter chick is also used for exciting craft in schools. There are many crafts that can relate to Easter chicks like Easter chick cups that are being used to fill-up with hair clip or chocolate. Kids can easily prepare it. Kids also like finger puppets, so they can easily make Easter chick puppet.

Making pompoms

  • Firstly, you need to take a yellow yarn and you have to place it between fork. Use Scissors for cutting of yellow yarn and cut it in 15cm to 20cm in length. Then you need to drape it between the fork. Also you can use this piece to tie pom poms. If you want to use store pompom, you can buy it.
  • Next you need to wrap yarn 40-50 times in the fork. Find end of yellow yarn ball.
  • Now you are needed to cut the yarn and tie it tightly. For this you need to take the ends of pieces of yarn and have to tie them together.
  • Now you need to carefully slide down the wrapped yarn from the fork. Now with the help of scissors open looped end from left and right side of yarn.
  • Probably it may happen that your pom poms is not even. You have to trim them so that they come out with level and then roll it between your palms.
  • Now you need to repeat the same process for the second pom pom.


  • Now you need to to tie both pom poms together with the help of glue. So, you have glue smaller pom pom with the bigger pom-pom taking smaller pompom on top. You can also tie them with the help of thread.
  • Now, you need to take orange felt and you have to cut a heart shape from it, then you need to cut a V shaped notch from it and glue it to the bottom.
  • If you do not want to use felt you can use orange pipe cleaners which is small in size about 2 to 5 cm.
  • Now you have to complete the face, so you need eyes for it. First place your glue on the back of the eyes and then you have to press it into the smaller pom poms which is the face. For eyes you can also use black beads.


  • If you don’t like the colour yellow and don’t want your, then you can use another colour like pink for pink chick and you can also use light blue colour for light blue chick. It’s your choice and up to you which colour chick you want.
  • In the first step you may use your middle finger or index finger for draping yarn. You can also boy pom poms from store if you want it. If you want it homemade then you can easily make it by our steps.
  • You need to wrap the yarn, you don’t need to weave it.
  • You have to cut the yarn which will make it in line with edge of fork. You also have to make a double knot for ensuring that it does not come undone.
  • For cutting the yarn don’t cut ends off. Use scissors to cut left sides, then end and repeat it to the right side.
  • We are rolling pom-poms between palms because it will help dislodge the yarn fuzz.
  • You may have to do this step twice.
  • You need to make two pom pom and need to keep up one pom pom smaller and the other one bigger. For this use the same colours.
  • If you are making the feet with orange pipe cleaner you need to cut piece and band the end to 1 by 4 to 1 by 2 inch. It is not compulsory to take the measurement exact but the foot needs to be long enough.
  • If a child with very small age is making Easter chick, don’t allow them to cut the yarn. If the parents or guardians will do, it will be better.

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