How to make an Easter chick

Easter chick is easy to make and it can be used in managing things such as attaching to a gift for some decorative things children love to play with them. Let’s know how to make it. Easter chick is also used for exciting craft in schools. There are many crafts that can relate to Easter chicks like Easter chick cups that are being used to fill-up with hair clip or chocolate. Kids can easily prepare it. Kids also like finger puppets, so they can easily make Easter chick puppet.

Making pompoms

  • Firstly, you need to take a yellow yarn and you have to place it between fork. Use Scissors for cutting of yellow yarn and cut it in 15cm to 20cm in length. Then you need to drape it between the fork. Also you can use this piece to tie pom poms. If you want to use store pompom, you can buy it.
  • Next you need to wrap yarn 40-50 times in the fork. Find end of yellow yarn ball.
  • Now you are needed to cut the yarn and tie it tightly. For this you need to take the ends of pieces of yarn and have to tie them together.
  • Now you need to carefully slide down the wrapped yarn from the fork. Now with the help of scissors open looped end from left and right side of yarn.
  • Probably it may happen that your pom poms is not even. You have to trim them so that they come out with level and then roll it between your palms.
  • Now you need to repeat the same process for the second pom pom.


  • Now you need to to tie both pom poms together with the help of glue. So, you have glue smaller pom pom with the bigger pom-pom taking smaller pompom on top. You can also tie them with the help of thread.
  • Now, you need to take orange felt and you have to cut a heart shape from it, then you need to cut a V shaped notch from it and glue it to the bottom.
  • If you do not want to use felt you can use orange pipe cleaners which is small in size about 2 to 5 cm.
  • Now you have to complete the face, so you need eyes for it. First place your glue on the back of the eyes and then you have to press it into the smaller pom poms which is the face. For eyes you can also use black beads.


  • If you don’t like the colour yellow and don’t want your, then you can use another colour like pink for pink chick and you can also use light blue colour for light blue chick. It’s your choice and up to you which colour chick you want.
  • In the first step you may use your middle finger or index finger for draping yarn. You can also boy pom poms from store if you want it. If you want it homemade then you can easily make it by our steps.
  • You need to wrap the yarn, you don’t need to weave it.
  • You have to cut the yarn which will make it in line with edge of fork. You also have to make a double knot for ensuring that it does not come undone.
  • For cutting the yarn don’t cut ends off. Use scissors to cut left sides, then end and repeat it to the right side.
  • We are rolling pom-poms between palms because it will help dislodge the yarn fuzz.
  • You may have to do this step twice.
  • You need to make two pom pom and need to keep up one pom pom smaller and the other one bigger. For this use the same colours.
  • If you are making the feet with orange pipe cleaner you need to cut piece and band the end to 1 by 4 to 1 by 2 inch. It is not compulsory to take the measurement exact but the foot needs to be long enough.
  • If a child with very small age is making Easter chick, don’t allow them to cut the yarn. If the parents or guardians will do, it will be better.

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