A-List Of Home Goods Dyed With Natural Indigo

Natural dyes are dyes or colorants derived from the plants. The majority of natural colors are vegetable dyes from plant sources like bark, berries, leaves, and wood. And even other biological sources such as fungi. And archaeologists have found evidence of textile dyeing dating back to the Neolithic period. In China, the dyeing process is going on for more than 5000 years.

Dyes are used in the fashion industry. Protein fibers require different mordant treatments to prepare them for natural dyes. Protein fibers, wool, angora, mohair, silk, soy, leather, suede. Cellulose fibers, cotton, linen, hemp, ramie, bamboo. Home Goods Dyed with Natural Indigo. Natural indigo is the blue dye that is made from tree leaves of the Indigo era plant. And the color is deep and rich.

Some natural indigo Products are available here.

Aizome Bedding Pillow Case

Your face is sensitive, but we covered the rest of the body 100% GOTS unbleached organic cotton & natural indigo. Naturally, antibacterial ingredients, no chemicals, and the super smooth Aizome Bedding’s Pillowcase Keeps your Face clean, free acne flare-ups, and soothes irritated skin like no others have this type of advantages.


  • 100% made from plants No chemicals, No plastics just 100% organic cotton
  • Try First, Decide later 6-month sleep trail.
  • Perfectly Convenient
  • Washer-Safe, Flexible drawstring, Forever Warranty

Bottom Sheet Drawstrings

You sleep soundly through the night. 100% Natural cooling unbleached cotton, no itch-inducing chemicals, and so soft, you will sleep through the night in dreams and happy night with comfort.


  • 100% made from plants No chemicals, No plastics just 100% organic cotton
  • Try First, Decide later 6-month sleep trail
  • perfectly Convenient
  • Washer-Safe, Flexible drawstring, Forever Warranty.

Block Print Mudcloth Hmong Pillow

Throw Hmong Cushions ethnic Fabrics decorative throw Pillow Handmade Cushions batik ethnic textiles. The Fabric is used from the Hmong, and the north Thailand group of the Fabric is an ethnic minority group.

And from the mountains regions of China, Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand are Unique Tribal Batik Cotton, Fabric. Even the front cover is pre-washed From New Hmong batik Cotton textile. And double-stitched for durability yet if it is finished with invisible zipper closure.


  • Block Print Cotton Fabric Front
  • Fabric Back Chiangmai cotton
  • Fabric Front New Batik-dyed cotton
  • Fabric Back Chiangmai cotton
  • Measures
  • 20″ x 20″ inches = 50.cm x 50cm

Gilden Tree Premium 4 Pc Washcloth

Eco Friendly & Made with carefully Defoliant Free Pure Cotton and Oeko-tex Standard 100 Certified and High International Standards for Environmentally, It has Super Absorbent Uniquely flat when new, our waffle washes. It will shrink to create honeycombs and Surface area to wick moisture away almost instantly.

Suppose you are thinking about it. Dry later, conventional terry towels, even in damp bathrooms helping to prevent the smelling and measure of germs. The Waffle washcloth is like nothing you’ve also used before. It has a High-Quality Gilden tree guarantee even if it is naturally thin and takes less time for storage in the dryer. You can use it anywhere made for only one person, not for family.

With Luxurious European style waffle washcloths, you can Tire of thick washcloths; even you can make hand towels or loofahs.

It is made of European style flat weave that forms little. And Our long-lasting towels are environmentally friendly, certified by Defoliant-Free Natural Cotton and Oco-Tex Standard 100, an international standard that means you have to worry about the presence of more than 100 harmful chemicals are not needed.

Soft and Cozy Unisex Baby Swaddle Blanket

Non-Toxic GOT Ink Blue Soft & Cozy Babies love the tail with their favorite blanket. In a stroller or tuck on an excellent night’s sleep, the kids don’t like these swaddles that they choose them for, The cotton mix allows air to pass. Your baby doesn’t overheat. It helps your baby to take comfort and enjoy a good night’s sleep. Help your baby to sleep for a long time helps your baby not to wake up early and have relaxation sleep Swaddles prevent face scratching and lessen anxiety.

Best-Bedding Sheet Set For Bed, Breathable, Soft & Silky

Natural Cotton, Soft and Crisp Sheets, Free from harmful Chemicals and Eco-friendly luxe style sheets that are on par with hotel quality. Make your sleep comfort and relaxed and made in India even if you love the feel of luxurious hotel sheets & crisp pillowcases then this is for you 100% extra-long-staple cotton fiber & a gorgeous sateen weave.

It is softer for all wash and also eco friendly it has High-quality sheets made of top-notch materials, and our cozy bed sheets are machine washable and retain color over time. 100% Satisfaction guarantee of these products is backed by incredible customer service to ensure your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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