11 Benefits of Books – Why is Reading Important?

Books are the essence of life. This may be a biased perspective, but everyone has at least one book in their entire lifetime that has influenced them so deeply and subtly, that it self-displays as the principle they live and breathe by. Books are never just words – they are emotions, contain wanderlust within each line, profess silent yet powerful truths and weave magic. They complement and contradict, they add to the peacefulness of your life or they cause a mental ruckus and make you view everything differently.

Read on to find out what else makes a book man’s best companion.

Helps the brain

Our brains need all the help they can get. Joking aside, reading assists in key brain stimulation of certain areas that help us focus on tasks and increase our memory capabilities. A good fiction (or non-fiction book for the rare gems) helps in de-stressing and finding out a different and better reality to lose yourself to. Consistent reading and love for the written word shows in your ability to concentrate well and in critically analyzing texts to understand all implications.

Read to Write

It is a truly proportional representation – if you wish to write more and express your thoughts, you will have to read more. This is never a difficult task for writers; most people who love reading show the appreciation for writing and expressing themselves. Reading exposes you to a lot of foreign vocabulary and improves your talent of communication. All types and mannerisms of writing welcome reading as the initial step.

Imagine and dream

Imagination is a powerful concept, few have the gift of descriptive imagination and even fewer have the ability to translate these vivid scenes of the mind onto a solid surface. Read a book and you realize there are millions of meanings, connotations, possible hints that the author leaves for the most astute reader that allows your mind to visualize and imagine endings more to your preference (yes, this is a shout out to incredibly talented fan fiction writers). These perspectives, views, worlds and characters leave a mark on your character and even relieve your stress levels.

Improve your Mental Health

We all live in a global society that pressurizes individuals on a daily basis to be the best they can be; human limitations are ignored in this race to perfection and this affects the mental health and stability to different extents for different individuals. It has proven effects on depression and Alzheimer’s diseases as the brain activity during reading keeps it well engaged and exercised, leading to lesser occurrences. Reading books help substantially for these individuals to find stability, a version from reality and pure entertainment and enjoyment in the written words.

Sleep better

This may be a less expected outcome but a welcome notion and no, we don’t mean literally falling asleep when you start to read. Since it provides stress relief, reading books also helps in the setting of a regular sleep pattern and relaxation. Reading a good and enjoyable book before retiring for bed is a good precedent to set, calming your body and mind and allowed you to unwind and become peaceful before sleeping.

A Better World

Reading leads to a better, more inclusive and empathetic world. It broadens your perspectives and viewpoints and allows you to witness the different workings and beliefs of different people and cultures. Parents can always take to reading out loud good stories and inspire the goodness of reading in their children. Every individual understands their own circumstances and recognize the culture and rules they were brought up under but fail to understand what they have not personally experienced. This gap in information is filled wonderfully by books through the magic of the written word.

Better Conversations

You become a better conversationalist by a hundred times more once you cultivate a reading habit. It informs your perspectives, stands, gives you an informed viewpoint and gives you the chance to develop your conversations from the mere surface of the greetings to more intense talks that give you a better view of the individual with whom you converse. A better read person becomes more respected and gains more value for their stand.

Challenge yourself

Bid adieu to preconceived notions and perspectives formed before you formed them. Read and challenge yourself, challenge what you believe in and analyze why you wish to challenge something or accept something you wish to believe in. This can include your faith, your customs, and your culture and allow you to read enough to educate someone else on the same and/or share opinions, questions and their answers.

Build on your intelligence

There is a whole world of knowledge and awareness to be opened with a single page. Earlier the exposure, better the children are equipped to handle ideas and information in all its forms and complexities. Vocabulary build-up allows all individuals to increase the possibilities and avenues of communications and exposure to many great ideas along with developing the sense to detect the failed, good and the great works.

Translate to empathy

Empathy can be a severely lacking emotion when no one makes an effort to step beyond sympathy and attempt to understand another position. Reading unlocks this potential of exploring beyond previously known boundaries and limitations. You are exposed to various perspectives and worlds that allow you to relate with and understand moral dilemmas, cultural paradigms and gain insights into the working of a world miles apart from your own.

Flip the pages to better memory

Research shows that flipping the pages of a book is more efficient in building up your memory skills rather than going through an e-book. Remember what you read and the emotions you felt when your fingers lightly press against the pages. Your brain automatically associates the feeling with the words you intake and this leads to better understanding of the content and deeper analytical insights.

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