10 Top Tourist Attractions in South Africa

The African continent is a beautiful place – filled with the links of ancient history, geography, rich cultural links and artistic traditions, it isn’t a surprise that a lot of tourists choose the continent for their explorations, experiences and memories. The weather in certain areas is as harsh as the people are warm and friendly, treating everyone as one among them. South Africa becomes the hub of such expeditions and the best connected country with the global society. Here are some attractions that are a must-see on your next visit.

Boulders Beach

This is mainly because we are partial to beaches, but also the astounding beauty this scene of nature possesses. Near Simon’s Town in False Bay, this location is famed for the 3000 or so African penguins and an amazing point to view them in their natural habit. You will also get the opportunity to mingle with them and chill. You will also get glimpses of dolphins and whales as well as other small mammals and birds. Make sure to keep track of your weigh using luggage weighing scales.

Table Mountain

At over 3500 feet, this mountain is one of the most popular natural sights of South Africa. It gets its name and recognition due to the flat top which you can view from the top either through a cable car ride or a day’s hike to the top, depending on the type of adventure you prefer. The aerial view promises natural resplendency and awe-inspiring images. Take some time to take in the imagery with other options on the top such as a restaurant.

V&A Waterfront

This is for those who enjoy the hustle and bustle of the crowd, the local attractions and sights as well as the food and amusement. It is named after the late British queen Victoria and her son Alfred. Here is where the shopping culture comes alive with hundreds of different shopping destinations, opportunities for souvenirs and fine dining options if you roll that way. Live entertainment, without or with minimal fees, are also available. There are concerts and live shows, even puppet displays. Museums, aquariums and markets shouldn’t be missed upon. If you are into cruises, boat trips and helicopter trips, give V&A a visit.

Robben Island

Visit this island for a much-need trip to the colonial history of South Africa, the impact of which still lives on in the people of the country and their politics even today. Many members of the freedom struggle were held prisoners here, including the famous and compassionate leader Nelson Mandela. This symbolism is complemented by many tourist guides on the island being former inmates themselves, with the first-hand accounts of their trials with these prisons. Utilize the tourist ferries for the visit and be aware of the timings.

Groot Constantia

Set aside some time for the famous Constantia dessert wine Grand Constance, along with the equally famous brands of Shiraz and Merlot. The history of the building and its business extends back to over 300 years, when Simon Van der Stel gained the farm land where it is located now in 1680s. It includes a museum that documents the history of the wine, the barrels and the way of making it from a time before.

Cango caves

Underground fans must visit the Cango caves located in the Swartberg Mountain. Thesecaves are over 20 million years old with hidden chambers that are cut out from the solid limestone. Give the stalagmite formations a look over and experience the subterranean tours if you have the energy for the activity.

Addo Elephant National Park

Elephants are an important part of African history. The Addo National Park is home to over 600 elephants, various lions, hyenas, zebras, black rhinos and antelopes. It has the reputation of being the third largest park in South Africa, which not a surprise given the number and variety of animals as mentioned before. With the extensive types of flora, a swimming pool and a water hole, the park ticks all the boxes of being a must-visit tourist attraction.

Jeffrey’s Bay (J-Bay for the locals)

If you want to chill on a beach and get some surfing lessons done or even show off your pro-skills, use this coastline seventy kilometers west of Port Elizabeth, another major spot of fame. There are some pretty good hand-breaking waves in this spot that lead it to transform itself from a mere fishing village to a prime spot for tourists, especially surfers.

The Big Hole

Get yourself a sight of a large hole that is now filled with water, but used to be a well-dug excavation site and a mine that was closed in 1914. It was dug down to 800 meters for a total of 2.7 tons of diamonds, cementing South Africa’s name as the diamond capital. You can even try your hand in diamond mining with the lessons they give through the diamond-bearing gravel.

Augrabies Falls

Water splashing and roaring powerfully is always a sight to see. These falls course down the Orange River with 55,000 hectares on both sides, allowing for enough space for hikers and tourists with many birds, succulents and zebras as your companions. Watch out for the creepy kokerboom (quiver trees), giraffes and other reptiles that are used to the climate. You can always take a walk to the Summit of Moon Rock for good views of the entire scenery.

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